All jewelry is handcrafted in the USA in Julie Shaw’s studio.

UpliftingThe Uplifting Collection

I’m excited to launch my online store with this new collection of earrings. They are meant to uplift and for you to know your beauty. Either give yourself some love or someone else.

Since I was a little girl of 12, selling my first jewelry to S.S.Kresge, I’ve worked with stones. The stones always inspire and uplift me with Mother Nature’s beauty.

My wish is you’ll possibly stand a little taller and feel enlivened when you wear one of my creations.

Materials in the earrings are sterling silver and some touches of 22k gold. Posts, earwires, hooks and earring backs are all sterling silver. I give a patina to the silver that enriches the stones and pops the gold.

Enamel BroochThe Environmental Collection

This body of work began with the influence of the fires in California in 2018. I am often moved by what’s going on in the world, and the pieces will start happening as a result. Working with enamels brings out the emotion I’m feeling when I make these.

You’ll see what you want to see, what speaks to you, and whatever that may be, you are correct. My intention is that you get something from these pieces, that you can see light and hope going forward, coming from the ashes and building anew. This is a resurrection of sorts, of beauty and hope.

These pieces are a reminder of the sustenance I get from Mother Nature.

The brooches are enamel on copper, sterling silver with a patina, 22k and 24k gold. All brooches have a removal converter so it can be worn as a pendant. The scatter pins can only be worn as pins.

Enamel EarringsThe Joyful Enamel Collection

Have some fun with all the different colors, and add to your wardrobe, imagine a party, and treat yourself!

Materials in the earrings are sterling silver with a patina, enamel on copper with a variety of stones. Posts, earwires, hooks and earring backs are all sterling silver.